Repair of NPK H20X customer for foreign

This NPK H20X hammer (weighing 3 tons) needs a big repair job to the cylinder and 2 new cylinder bushings (A and B) and more. It has been sent by our dear foreign customer to receive the right care that RMT can provide to a faithful workhorse as an NPK. No border can stop the quality of our work nor the trust of our customers.

ATLAS COPCO HB4200 refurbishing

In the last period we had two different owners of Atlas Copco HB4200 with the same problem: the yielding of the Back Head / Accumulator Side connection and the consequent failure of the bolts. We have all the necessary experience to successfully resolve this problem in the most efficient way. If you have the same problem, please contact us for a complete quotation. Your HB4200 will get back to work perfectly as it always has done before.